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Ultrasound-assisted hidrolipoclasy

The Ultrasound-Assisted Hidrolipoclasy is the best treatment and most effective to remove the fat located in areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen, waist (love handles), pectorals (gynecomastia), inner side of the leg, calves, arms, back and even areas like jowls, knees, etc.

The Ultrasound-Assisted Hidropoclasy removes the fat of an area in just a single session with immediate and long-lasting results. Besides, the Hidrolipoclasy, in contrast with the liposuction, doesn’t require hospitalization nor time off from work; after the treatment, the patient would be able to go home and go on with their daily routine right the next day following, of course, the doctor’s indications.

Liposucción Sin Cirugía | Hidrolipoclasia

Liposuction without surgery

Noted as one of the most requested aesthetic techniques, the liposuction without surgery represents a real alternative to the complications of a regular liposuction. This Hidrolipoclasy treatment is recommended to…

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Ginecomastia sin cirugía


Men, just like women, they also have mammary glands but less developed. When those grow or acquire an excessive size for a man it is because it has occurred what…

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Hidrolipoclasia VS Liposucción

Hidrolipoclasy vs Liposuction

Below we are going to explain which are the differences between Hidrolipoclasy and the Liposuction in order to answer the potential doubts that you may have after reading the information…

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El Drenaje Linfático y la Hidrolipoclasia

Lymphatic drainage

The importance of the lymphatic drainage. In the Ultrasound-Assisted Hidrolipoclasy the fat is turned into an oily material easy to extract part of which is reabsorbed by the organism itself……

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