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Lymphatic drainage

The importance of the lymphatic drainage. In the Ultrasound-Assisted Hidrolipoclasy the fat is turned into an oily material easy to extract part of which is reabsorbed by the organism itself…

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The importance of the lymphatic drainage.

In the Ultrasound- Assisted Hidropoclasy the fat is turned into an oily material to extract part of which is reabsorbed by the organism itself and eliminated by the lymphatic system and the rest with a syringe.

Therefore, the lymphatic system has a key role on the process of elimination of the liquid far that is not extracted by the syringe. Because of that after a Hidrolipoclasy it is advisable the execution of a handmade lymphatic drainage, that can be performed by a professional two or three days after the treatment. The recommended drainage quantity is, according to experts, from five to ten sessions. On the periodicity, it’s advisable for the sessions to be on alternate days and afterwards once a week.

The objective of the handmade lymphatic drainages is to activate the lymphatic system in order to make it work quicker on the reconstruction of the tissues after the Ultrasound- Assisted Hidrolipoclasy. It has a lot of advantages:

  • It eliminates the remainder of medication, serum and anaesthesia used on the treatment

  • It accelerates the recovery of the sensibility of the skin

  • It favours the shrinkage of the skin

  • It accelerates the recovery of the tissues

  • It improves the state of the skin

  • It accelerates the reabsorption of the oedema and the ecchymosis

  • It favours the regrowth of capillaries and lymphatic vessels

  • It reduces the discomforts

The lymphatic drainage is done with very gently and non-painful handmade moves to the patient even though they work with tissues that have oedemas. It can be performed on the neck, face, abdomen, arms, nape, dorsal area, lumbar area, gluteus, intraoral points and legs.

The technique must be accurate and there must not be any movement of the skin during the first week, in order to make its shrinkage easier. This process is electromagnetic and the advantages of will still making effect a minimum of ten days after the session. It is advisable to accompany the treatment by drinking plenty of liquids.

In a session if drainage there are different steps that are key to it: the preparation of the patient, the relaxation in a clam and comfortable atmosphere, the diagnose of the different areas of lymphatic blockage to be drained, and the basic movements or massages. The handmade lymphatic drainage that is well done produces relief from the very first session.

Given all the advantages of the handmade lymphatic drainage, there is no Hidrolipoclasy treatment that is conceived without some sessions of lymphatic drainage the days after. Therefore, it has turned an ideal complement to the whole treatment.