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Liposuction without surgery

Noted as one of the most requested aesthetic techniques, the liposuction without surgery represents a real alternative to the complications of a regular liposuction.

This Hidrolipoclasy treatment is recommended to those people who have localized fat. It has presented excellent results in love handles, thighs, abdomen, forearm, neck, facial and knees in women, and pectoral (gynecomastia without surgery), abdomen and flanks in men. The most attractive aspect of this method of liposuction without surgery is its efficacy and price.

After a first non-binding visit for free, the specialist would give you the information that you need and would advise which area(s) you should treat.

Advantages of the Liposuction without surgery:

It has  excellent results in thighs, waist, legs, abdomen, forearm, neck, knees, flanks and pectorals (Gynecomastia without surgery) Compruébalo viendo Confirm it looking at our real cases.

  • It doesn’t  require hospitalization
  • It doesn’t  require time off work
  • Under local anaesthesia
  • Able for both genres
  • More cost-effective than a liposuction

Economic cost of the Hidrolipoclasy:

The price can change depending on the area where the Hidrolipoclasy is performed. Starting from 750€ depending on the area and the number of sessions. .

And to make sure that the cost of the Liposuction without surgery doesn’t become a problem, we have more convenient financing plans. This way, you can choose your monthly payments depending on your necessities.

Además, contamos con descuentos para algunos colectivos, sólo has de preguntárnoslo.

Besides we have discounts for some groups of people, you only need to ask.

The days afterwards the Hidropoclasy you will have to do some sessions of pressotherapy and/or lymphatic drainage (on recommendation).

Besides, you will see a nutritionist for him to evaluate your eating habits and you will count with the help of a specialist the whole time. You will carry out a control visit with the doctor eight months after so both of you are able to evaluate the success of the Hidrolipoclasy.