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Men, just like women, they also have mammary glands but less developed. When those grow or acquire an excessive size for a man it is because it has occurred what we call Gynecomastia (that can occur either just on one breast or on both).
Usually, the Gynecomastia is produced by a hormonal disorder, that develops mainly due to two reasons: a decrease in the androgens production (testosterone) and an increase of the oestrogens production; and the rise of the transformation of the androgen precursors in the oestrogens.
It’s important to keep in mind that the Gynecomastia can cause psychological problems on those men that suffer from it (a 60% of the population) because they feel their masculinity threaten.
But the times are changing and with them the medicine and thoughts of the people. Nowadays, the number of men that feel ashamed to undergo surgery to pursue the desired physical aspect are declining more and more.
Actually, the Gynecomastia is a formation of firm or elastic mass located around and behind the areola. It is basically made of adipose and fibrous tissue, and from the gland itself. When the increase it’s only due to the deposit of subcutaneous fat, it is called pseudo gynecomastia.
Depending on the characteristics, we can differentiate three grades of Gynecomastia:

Grade I: minor enlargement of the breast tissue without skin excess.
Grade II: moderate breast enlargement without skin excess.
Grade III: marked breast enlargement with skin excess.

The most frequent Gynecomastia causes tend to be hormonal disorders (already discussed), overweight and the use of oestrogens, although we can also include:

  1. Obesity

  2. Genetic factors

  3. Hormonal variations during the different life stages when all the big changes happen: puberty, teenage years and old age.

  4. The increase of consume of oestrogens which are feminine hormones used to feed beef cattle to raise their weight for example and that are ingested by the men when he eats meat.

  5. The excessive use of certain medicine such as antacids, antidepressants and amphetamines, chemotherapy drugs, etc.

  6. The use of hormonal products and/or anabolic steroids.

  7. The excessive alcohol consumption.

  8. The use of drugs, particularly marihuana.

To these causes we should add the chronic kidney failure, thyroid disorders (Hypo/Hyperthyroidism), liver diseases, adrenal gland tumours and lung diseases.

The Gynecomastia is generally benign and in most of the cases it is accomplished in a small amount of time and without medic help. However, in some occasions it can originate some cancers like adenocarcinoma or intraductal carcinoma.

In the Gynecomastia diagnosis there are some test that must be done to be able to do an intervention that until nowadays it was done surgically. But, as we commented in the beginning, medicine has evolved and the Ultrasound-Assisted Hidrolipoclasy is at the service of all those men who suffer from Gynecomastia.

Thanks to the Ultrasound-Assisted Hidrolipoclasy we can absorb the adipose tissue located around and behind the areola without surgery. Contact us and we will inform you about all the details of the treatment.