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How long is the Hidrolipoclasy session?

This will depend on the area treated, but it usually takes about 3 hours.

Will this treatment help lose weight?

No, contrary to popular belief, the Hidrolipoclasy just like the liposuction is a treatment to lose volume not weight. These two are different things and even though it is true that the Hidrolipoclasy may help on the matter of loosing weight, it is not a treatment destined to that.

Does it need post-surgery treatments?

Two days after going through the Hidrolipoclasy treatment, the patient will have to come back to the centre to start with the pressotherapy treatments and/or the lymphatic drainage (as recommended) leaving a day between each other. These treatments are done to stimulate the lymphatic system and help the organism to eliminate the remains of liquid fat that may be stuck.

Does it require hospitalization or time off from work?

No, there is no need for neither hospitalization, not time off from work because as we said before is a medical treatment, not a surgery. You can go home by yourself the very same day and go to work the next one though you will probably feel some kind of ache like stiffness, but without any complication.

How many areas can you cover in a single session?

You can only cover a single area per session, because is what the medical treatment allows to do.

How many sessions do you need to remove the fat of an area?

In most cases you will need a session per area to be treated, including the possibility of needing a slight retouch once the final result is seen. However, in very few cases there is the need of a second session.

Which payment methods do you have?

The Hidrolipoclasy treatment can be paid by cash, credit card or through financing. If you choose the last option, you will only need to bring a copy of your ID, a back debit order and your last payship or the self-employed receipt and your income documents (if you are self-employed). In order to make everything more suitable for you, you will be the one to chooses the number of monthly-fee you want to pay and the quantity of money of each one.